AGE+ believes change and social impact are greater when vulnerable communities have a voice and are no longer invisible. Because of this belief, we are increasing awareness of aging issues at every level across the state. One way we do this is by convening community members and leaders throughout Oregon to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborative work centered around creating opportunities for people of all ages to thrive in their homes and communities of choice.

Some of our advocacy work includes:

Shared Future Oregon

Oregon’s demographic changes require immediate action. These permanent changes signal a greater demand for comprehensive services—but that’s not all. It’s also a profound opportunity as older adults are often untapped assets. We propose a comprehensive collaboration to create a multi-sector plan for living and aging to support all generations. Learn more and pledge your support here. 

Addressing Ageism

Over 80% of adults 50-80 experience ageism in their daily lives. Despite living longer and healthier, attitudes and assumptions about older people have yet to evolve. AGE+ aims to create an age-positive culture across Oregon in workplaces, healthcare settings, the economy, communities, and more. We offer consultation services and educational programming to address systemic and individual ageism. 

AGE+ is launching a Leadership Exchange on Ageism—the first of its kind in Oregon—to provide decision-makers, executives, policy experts, and funders with an opportunity to engage in high-level leadership development to enhance understanding of ageism and develop strategies to eliminate it. Click here for more and to register!