Leadership Exchange on Ageism

Change and enhance our
understanding of ageism at all levels

Change the way we feel, think, and talk about aging and older people

Inspire us to take action to combat ageism in the institutions and systems in which we operate

Ageism has a significant impact on both individual health and organizational success. Yet, few opportunities exist to guide leaders with DEI solutions that benefit all generations and recognize ageism as an intersectional issue. Addressing ageism requires a comprehensive, in-depth examination to understand its complexities and impact fully.

AGE+ is launching a Leadership Exchange on Ageism (LEA) in Oregon to provide decision-makers, executives, policy experts, and funders with an opportunity to engage in high-level leadership development to enhance understanding of ageism and develop strategies to eliminate it. Sessions will provide leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to modify and refine existing DEI programs to better serve their organizations and communities.

If we aspire to live and work in communities and institutions that promote healthy aging for all, we must eliminate ageism.

The Levels and Structures of Ageism

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Register for the first or second 2024 LEA cohorts:

Dates for Cohort #1 : 9/13, 9/27, 10/11 and 10/25
Dates for Cohort #2: 11/1, 11/15, 11/22 and 12/6

AGE+ will be accepting leaders from across Oregon to be among the first to participate in the LEA. Registration requires a commitment to attend and participate in all sessions. Session pre-work will involve readings and videos that take under an hour. Ongoing support from AGE+ is part of the leadership design.

4 sessions
3.5 hours per session

Virtual Sessions

Tuition $1,295
Scholarships available

CEU Eligible

Why Do We Need To Address Ageism?

Studies show people who embrace age-positive stereotypes tend to live longer and experience less anxiety and disease compared to those who hold negative attitudes. Despite this, over 80% of adults 50-80 experience ageism in their daily lives, isolating older people and amplifying disparities from other systems of oppression.

We can change how we think and talk about aging and older people by elevating our understanding of ageism and how it manifests itself in our society. 

200 leaders from the legislature, state and municipal government, business, community, higher education, law enforcement, healthcare and nonprofit sectors have now graduated from LEA. In our evaluations, 100% of participants said LEA increased their knowledge and awareness of ageism, enhanced their leadership skills, motivated them to take action, gave them new tools to combat ageism, and would recommend the course to other leaders.

Jess Maurer, Executive Director
Maine Council on Aging

For more information about the LEA, contact Lori Silverman, Chief Programs Officer, at lsilverman@ageplus.org.

Nominate a leader you know to participate in one of the first cohorts this fall!

Thank you to our funding partner, OnPoint Community Credit Union, for your ongoing support!