Housing and Services 

AGE+ has been partnering with communities for nearly two decades to improve living conditions and services for older adults living in rural areas. We work in rural areas because we know how challenged these communities are by the limited supply of appropriate affordable housing and access to services. In this project, our goal is to collaborate with local organizations and individuals to develop a supportive network of care and housing stability to older adults living in the Gorge. 

The main objective is to combine affordable housing and supportive services in order to: 

  • Achieve affordable non-subsidized housing
  • Leverage and strengthen natural community-based support networks, such as neighbor-to-neighbor networks of care
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for services
  • Support aging in place

We recognize that a community’s biggest asset is almost always the people who play key roles in projects, including faith communities, service clubs, individuals, local government and businesses. We listen and seek to understand needs within communities, creating partnerships that lead to sustainable solutions.