Ties That Bind – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

AGE+ is confronting issues impacting grandparents raising grandchildren head on with our initiative, Ties That Bind. This program is our response to kinship caregivers (usually grandparents) who find themselves in the primary role of parent, raising children due to unforeseen circumstances.

We believe that strengthening the ability of grandparents to address their unique issues will improve outcomes for the children they are raising. AGE+ manages a virtual support group, as well as a dedicated website with the goal of improving timely access and clarity to resources available to relatives raising children in urban and rural communities across Oregon.

Our Ties That Bind Program Website Is:

  • Our web-based response to meet the needs of grandparents and other kinship caregivers
  • A program designed to provide unique peer support, consult and training
  • A place to gain access and clarity to existing resources
  • Accessible in urban and rural communities
  • Available to meet grandparents’ needs wherever they are located and on their timeline
  • Available 24/7

Visit our Ties That Bind website to help connect kinship caregivers to support, services and other kinship caregivers.