Leadership Exchange on Ageism Inquiry and Nomination Form

Over 80% of adults 50-80 experience ageism in their daily lives. Despite living longer and healthier, attitudes and assumptions about older people haven’t evolved.

AGE+ knows that a learning cohort empowered with new knowledge and strategies to address ageism can be the beginning of an age-positive culture across Oregon. That’s why we are launching a Leadership Exchange on Ageism (LEA) designed for decision-makers, executives, policy experts, and funders. Participants of these cohorts can come from all professions, all sectors, all generations, and all communities.

We invite you to nominate yourself or another person to participate in this empowering, ground-breaking, experiential learning opportunity. Join AGE+ in the movement toward age-positivity.

Our LEA is all about YOUR role in interrupting ageism. For more information contact Lori Silverman at LSilverman@ageplus.org. 


By submitting this form, you are giving AGE+ permission to contact you regarding the Leadership Exchange on Aging in Oregon.