Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



We recognize that inequity is an internal journey for AGE+, and not just an external phenomenon. We acknowledge that even while seeking to help, our organization is part of a dominant culture system that has caused injury and harm. We understand the need to continually examine and address our biases, prejudices, and dominant culture assumptions, and improve as an organization by embedding diversity, equity and inclusion.


We commit to embody equity in our values and principles, including:

  • The worth and dignity of every aging person
  • The power of communities to decide for themselves
  • The importance of relationships, not just results
  • The value of listening and learning, not just talking and teaching
  • The contribution of different ways of thinking, speaking, deciding and acting


We commit to apply diversity, equity and inclusion operationally across our organization, including in how we:

  • Govern, advocate and establish policy
  • Allocate our resources
  • Operate, including our policies, procedures and practices
  • Populate, retain and develop our Board, staff and volunteers
  • Develop, implement and evaluate our programs
  • Partner, support and learn from communities
  • Advocate collaboratively against bias and prejudice in the aging system
  • Communicate about and market ourselves
  • Lead with age while focusing on intersection with race and other inequities
  • Evaluate, assess and report on our progress and continued work