Housing and Services

Oregon has a critical shortage of affordable, accessible housing for low-income older adults living in small or rural communities. This isn’t an issue of the future, but a crisis of today. Many older adults want to remain in the communities they love as they age, but they face challenges of high rents, homes that aren’t suitable for those with disabilities, and poor access to supportive services. As such, AGE+ is partnering with local organizations to bring an efficient, affordable housing model for older adults to communities throughout Oregon. AGE+ and our housing development partner, Community Housing Solutions, have created a model to quickly build accessible housing for older adults that eases financial burdens and implements our proven program, Circles of Care, to deliver supportive services.

AGE+ received funding to build two affordable, fully accessible housing projects for older adults in Madras and Talent, OR. The projects are expected to open by summer of 2023, and will serve older adults at 60% of area median income. This project targets those who can’t qualify for subsidies, but also can’t afford market rate rents. Pictured below is a drawing of the Talent project.

If you are interested in joining a mailing list to be informed when applications for housing in Talent, OR become available, please click here to complete an inquiry form.

We are looking for local leaders who want to partner with us to bring affordable housing to older residents in their community. This project is structured to bridge to local ownership and be revenue generating. If you want to learn more about how your organization can bring affordable housing to older residents in your community, please contact Stephanie Hooper at shooper@ageplus.org.