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A New Vision for Aging

AGE+ was created to champion a new vision for successful and equitable aging for all Oregonians by empowering communities, linking generations and stimulating innovation to make longer life an opportunity, not a burden, especially for isolated and underserved older adults in rural areas.

Empowering Communities

AGE+ empowers communities through stimulating partnerships, training caregivers and developing innovative programs that address the real and growing challenges facing aging in America.

Our Initiatives

Oregon has a tradition of leadership in helping older adults age in place, achieving greater equity in access to health care and supporting nonprofits that make a difference.

Ageless Awards

Each year, the Ageless Award is given to individuals who are 75 years or older, demonstrate the importance of living a purposeful life and who continue to make significant contributions to society: as volunteers, philanthropists, mentors and civic leaders.

2023 Ageless Awards

Join us on April 20th for the Ageless Awards! This year, we are honoring the inspiring lives and contributions of Don Bruland, Ed Edmo, Dan Steffey & Maria Rojo de Steffey, and Robert Stoll! Join us virtually or in-person at Hilton Portland Downtown! 

Why AGE+?

People are living longer, which calls for new intergenerational strategies to value and care for older adults. Community networks are needed to fill in housing, mobility and caregiving gaps, especially for older adults who are isolated, low-income and underserved.

AGE+ empowers communities through stimulating partnerships, training and sponsoring innovative programs that address the real and growing challenges facing aging in America.

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Looking for Workers? Oregon’s Older Adults Are Ready to Fill the Gap

There is a workforce shortage in Oregon, but older adults can’t find the work they want. This paper makes it clear that now is a pivotal time to reverse workplace ageism.

Joys Amidst Tribulation—Aging While Black in Oregon

This paper is meant to serve as a tool to bring attention to the challenges and resiliency of older Black Oregonians and the communities that support them. 

Seen, Heard and Here—Older LGBTQ+ Oregonians

Invisible no longer. This briefing paper shares new data and insights into the strengths and unique challenges of LGBTQ+ older adults living in Oregon.

Women’s Longevity Gap—Women Live Longer on Less

This briefing paper highlights the challenges and contributions of older women in Oregon—some of the hardest working yet unacknowledged people.

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News & Updates

Support HB 2869-2!

A STEP TOWARDS A BRIGHTER SHARED FUTURE WHERE ALL OREGONIANS CAN LIVE AND AGE WELL: SUPPORT HB 2869-2! HB 2869-2 calls for a stakeholder group to come together to develop the framework for a multi-sector plan for aging (MPA). Click here to learn about the need for an...

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AGE+ Founder Inducted into Senior Living Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our founder and CEO, Keren Brown Wilson, for being inducted into the Senior Living Hall of Fame. The American Seniors Housing Association credited this year’s inductees as people who had “the foresight to anticipate the emergence and dramatic growth...

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